A starting point in the concept of an interior, creation of an image of the building, development of a slogan or logo is art.

Any detail, brought by us into this world is born by a point of inspiration and expression.

Plays a leading role in human lives and societies entirely, the history lights many victorious facts, that were brought through the correct and powerful design.

Development of the whole image, consisting from a particular thought, feeling or detail also shows the Artistic image entirely of a product.

Eco design means actual architecture for us. We choose simple and natural resources, which after a certain mathematical process create future buildings, architectural forms and master plans.

Opening a Soul of a person through a prism of clothes becomes available to our eye for the analysis and perception of the personality.

Comfort, cosiness  and sensuality are main opportunities, that forms our style.

A philosophical thought of an individual, who sees this or that opportunity through means of a lens, focus or the simple phone, sometimes without any filters, transfers us different feelings.

The black-and-white world emphasizes depth of thought. The entire image of a child of architecture is our mission.

Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

Martin Parr

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For us is a game with words, phrases, images for short, iconic and clear display of a product, service or more global things, by means of technologies and handcrafts.

We make you happy and fulfill with love. In Art we trust, it is eternal. Your happiness is our mission.

Karolina Khatkevich


We provide all services, concerning your visual life, creating best interiors, art peaces, logos or whatever you need to express yourself artistically to promote your business and to make you feel comfortable and happy at home or driving a car. Our goal is to give you 5 human senses in each detail we create.

The six one we use – intuition, that is our force and light. Our team works all over the world, consists of individuals, who loves their job, this fact gives the best result you expect from us. Inspired y nature, love, joy and sun – we mix actual tendencies with colorful details, so that our style is minimalism as a background with «conversation-peace» artistic expressionism.

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Art Terapia first steps
admin | 30, November
We are happy to show you the world of happiness through Art_Terrapia.We invite people of any professions possible
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We are happy to show you the world of happiness through Art_Terrapia.
We invite people of any professions possible to relax and create with us after working day or a stress. We give Art workshops, using different materials and technics. Kids are also welcome since 5 years old. You are going to become positive and loved, taking with you an art gift by your hand home, which brings warmness and cosiness.


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